How to choose the right fitting Tshirt

EJ Menswear is a website providing customers with great designer garments season after season. The website hosts everything from trousers to shirts to shoes and fashionable pouches. Mens designer Tshirts are often the first purchase new customers will make when starting thwir designer garments collection. These tops are often chosen as they are very useful and can be worn on many different occasions and paired with many different types of items. For men who struggle to get dressed in the morning and in desperate need for a casual look, a white tshirt is often a great place to start creating a new outfit. Finding the perfect tshirt can be challenging to some customers.

The most important factors to consider are fit and material. The higher the percentage of elastane in an item, the more flexible it is. Elastane also helps keep the integrity and structure of the tshirt after many washes. Cotton is usually more breathable than materials like polyester and is therefore preferred by many customers. Polyester is also not a natural material and is therefore irritating to people with conditions like eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis. Customers should also consider the kind of fit they like, tight, slouchy, muscle fit and boxy are all options when choosing a tshirt. The right length is also important to not drown the person wearing it and have the material end at a flattering point.