How to style shoes

Sometimes it is a difficult task to try and tie an outfit together, but it’s usually the shoes that completes the look. Having the latest sneakers or owning a pair of designer trainers is becoming ever- more popular these days, fitting around societal trends.

A tip on styling shoes is to always buy trainers or boots that suit your current wardrobe style. Don’t buy trainers just because they are in trend or because everyone else is wearing them, it’s good to stay true to yourself and compliment your own style. There is no point in buying shoes which require an entire wardrobe change.

It is also important to choose shoes that are comfortable for your lifestyle. It may be a better option to go for practicality rather than looks because the durability of the shoe is usually of a higher quality. On the other hand, there are quite a few companies that sell shoes for both practical and fashionable wear albeit at an expensive price.

The type of shoe you buy also needs to be worn on the right occasion. Sneakers are usually quite versatile but that does not mean they are a substitute for formal shoes. Pair them with some mens designer jeans, which can be found at EJ Menswear, and a jumper which results a smart casual look.

Another tip on styling shoes is to always keep them clean. Proper sneaker maintenance includes washing the laces, removing odours, brushing the soles, and using sneaker shields. White shoes may also need bleaching.