Interesting Facts About The Crown – A Review

Based on a successful television drama (“The Crown,” premiering on Netflix), this period drama chronicles the intriguing life of Queen Elizabeth II throughout her reign. The series starts with an in-depth look at the younger reign of this legendary queen, who was elevated to the throne at just 25 years old following the death of her Father, King George IV. As the years passed, personal conflicts, intrigues, and power struggles were revealed which played a significant role in the formation of events that would shape the rest of the twentieth century. To see it all clearly you need to have Steve Unett Aerials, the TV Aerials Gloucester based specialist in to make sure all is well.

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The first 2 seasons concerned themselves with the Queens first decades as the monarch. He has problems with her Uncle Edward the eighth, the King who abdicated and the growing family that she has around her. There is also a focus on Philip, her husband. Whilst his indiscretions are alluded to they are never fully confirmed. The other player is her sister Margaret and the diminishing role she finds herself in before settling on the bad boy photographer Tony Snowden.

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The last 2 have focused on the Queen’s inability to show affection. She suspects that Harold Wilson is a Soviet spy but ends up being completely wrong and then despairs for her eldest son. Charles. The show has courted much controversy not least with its portrayal of Princess Diana and the worsening relationship with family.



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