Plasmas in Action

Plasma spray guns are tools used to coat various metals with a protective coating of zinc or aluminum. These tools are useful for the coating of steel and cast iron. Although these tools provide a non-destructive approach to coating materials, there can be some issues with them. Plasmas being ultra-violet rays, they can also cause skin irritation and damage to clothing and skin. This damage is usually temporary and may not occur in a situation where the user or the users in question are within their visual abilities.

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Thermic spray spraying systems are typically coated processes where molten metal is sprayed on a flat, solid surface. The “Feedstock” used is heated electrically or even chemically. During the plating process, the feedstock material is coated by the metal powder. The metal powder usually comes in the form of either powders sheets or even balls that have been electrically charged.

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The final step in the plasma spray coating process, used by companies like Poeton, is the use of anode, or positively charged anode, in order to increase the effectiveness of the coating. When using a properly designed anode, it is possible to increase the current by as much as 300%. This is done by the anode being connected to a negative or space anode through which the positive charge from the feedstock flows to the anode, increasing its effectiveness. While using anode can decrease the overall effectiveness, it is still important to use a properly designed anode to ensure that the coating material thicknesses as desired.


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