Quality signs in an Aran Sweater

When you are looking at owning a nice Aran Sweater you need to look for a couple of things to distinguish it from being a poor one to a good one. The experts will tell you that there are three things to look for, the colour, the feel of it and the finished product. What this means is that you are looking for one that seems to have come from a sheep that’s been dunked and given a thorough bathing and the owner hasn’t been shy with the shampoo! What you are looking for is a light straw kind of colour, not necessarily pure white.

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The feel of the piece should be roughish but in no way should it be scratchy. The yarn should have nice twists and turns in it but it should not have a soft feel to it. Don’t forget the origins of this garment was a pure working outfit by fisherman and farmers, the fashion thing is very new for it.

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Why use such hard wool? Most modern jumpers are soft and pliable. The reason for this is that the stitching in the sweater is really complicated and the thinner softer woll will soon start to lose its shape and not retain its style for very long, especially if it gets regular washing. One of the other indicators is the quality of the button if it has one such as a cardigan style. If it;s a bit of old cheap plastic then you’re looking at a poorly mass produced one. However if it’s wood or even leather then you know you’ve got a good one. To be sure of getting a decent set of Womens Aran Sweaters go to Shamrock Gift

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