When the capital of England becomes the capital of Fashion too.

London fashion week is one of the city’s standout events that draws in an international crowd all eager to see what the major houses of Britain have to offer. Along with New York, Milan and Paris is one of the four most important weeks that the fashion industry puts on. From here the world of fashion for the coming year is shaped and influenced and you’ll see that influence all the way through to suppliers of Designer menswear Ireland like EJ Menswear.

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Centres of stylish London are taken over for shows and the city certainly has its far share of those. As with the others it has two weeks. The first in February showcases what is on offer for the summertime and the September show outlines what we can expect to see the people sporting throughout the summer months. It takes a huge amount of logistical planning to get a show going with the organisation of shipping the clothes, booking the models and checking their suitability for the looks to be shown. This doesn’t even include the hospitality side of it, you have to wow the guests with a bit of drink and finger food.

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It’s nice to have such a prestigious show in the country and to have such a wide respect for it. It gives British talent a great opportunity for a leg up in the world of fashion and to have such exposure twice a year is certainly boost and an advantage over many other countries designers.

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