Six smart home trends for 2023

1. Minimalism

With the minimalist home decor trend gaining more traction, so have smart technology systems. Smart home technology simplifies daily routines and can automate daily tasks like adjusting the temperature and locking doors, thereby freeing up valuable time and energy.
2. Eco-friendly homes

Homeowners now want to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace a greener way of life. Smart technology is playing a big role in this, with devices like smart thermostats, lights and plugs becoming increasingly popular.

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Smart home technology for energy management and conservation is expected to become more sophisticated. This includes smart thermostats, energy-efficient lighting, and appliances that can be controlled remotely to reduce energy consumption.

3. Home cinemas

Smart technology has revolutionised the concept of home cinemas. For those considering home cinema installation Coventry, there are lots of advanced systems available now.

Voice-controlled virtual assistants can provide effortless control, enabling users to adjust the lighting, temperature, and even curtains with simple commands. Home cinema installation in Coventry is set to become more popular this year as more consumers move towards personalised home entertainment solutions.

4. Working from home

Smart technology provides the tools and infrastructure needed to make remote work more productive, comfortable, and efficient. There has been a big increase in the smart furniture and ergonomic accessories available for sale, allowing you to create an efficient and comfortable home office environment.

5. Outdoor spaces

The trend of outdoor living combined with smart technology is redefining how we experience and enjoy our outdoor spaces. Smart outdoor technology, including weatherproof speakers, lighting, and automated irrigation systems, allows homeowners to create modern and comfortable outdoor living areas. For homeowners who are looking for home cinema installation in Coventry, it’s worth giving serious consideration to the prospect of setting it up in an outdoor room.

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6. Facial recognition

As it gets more affordable, more and more homeowners have embraced facial recognition technology to lock their doors, change the temperature and switch on lights. Users can unlock their smartphones, laptops, and even homes with just a glance, eliminating the need for traditional passwords or keys.