Ten web design trends to wow your audience

In addition to being functional, web design should be ultra-engaging and demonstrate a level of uniqueness that sets your business apart from your competition.

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Asymmetrical webpages are stylish and contemporary. When looking at a webpage with a vertical middle line, we might naturally expect both sides to be perfectly mirrored; however, when this is not the case, pages are often immediately more engaging and contain content that draws attention to itself in different ways.

Hidden navigation

Webpages with hidden navigation bars look sleek and clean. Although arguably not familiar to all, many internet users have come to learn that tapping the three parallel lines in the top left-hand corner of a website means the navigation bar will be expanded.


Minimalism uses negative space to create balanced webpages that effectively draw attention to the most important component: the content. Consult with a team specialising in web design in Newport, such as https://netcentrics.co.uk/, for advice on how to adopt a minimal approach to design that still encourages user the users to engage.

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Contrast small with oversized fonts, or experiment with hand-drawn and animated fonts to create unique webpages that make an immediate visual impact. You will find lots of typography inspiration online.


Utilise two or more of the following design elements: video, animation, graphics, audio and text. Taking a multimedia approach to your website is an excellent way to differentiate your digital presence from that of your competition.

Modular layouts

The art of separating everything into different distinct elements, modular design is an excellent simplifier and ensures every piece of content has a place and is easy to navigate.

Open composition

Rejecting the notion of boundaries, open compositions have visual elements, including graphics and images, that run off the screen. This technique encourages the eye to scan the whole page and feels almost effortlessly engaging, contemporary and dynamic.

Experimental scrolling

Creative scrolling is a design feature that we haven’t seen enough of. Ideal for websites that don’t need to house a lot of content, unfamiliar navigation techniques add interest in ways many users won’t have seen before.


Whereas once only contrasting or complementary colours would have been considered, combining colours that you never could have imagined working together is creating infinitely more exciting websites with the memorability factor.