The Ultimate Guide to Wine Coolers…And Why You Need Them at Your Catering Firm

No-one enjoys tepid, room temperature white or sparkling wine, and that’s why having a wine cooler for your catering firm is essential. Wine coolers range from a simple bucket of ice to a large double door dedicated wine fridge, and choosing which you need will depend on a number of factors. Read on for our ultimate guide to wine coolers and why you need to invest in one for your business.

The Ultimate Guide to Wine Coolers...And Why You Need Them at Your Catering Firm

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Small Countertop Wine Coolers

These wine coolers are ideal for small companies who only ever need to chill a few bottles of wine at a time. They tend to be found in domestic properties, but they are also suitable for licensed cafes that serve only a bottle or two of wine over lunch.

A Bucket of Ice

The original and most simple way to chill wine has advantages and disadvantages. First it’s cheap and chills wine quickly, but holds just one or two bottles, and in hot weather the ice melts fast. This method can only really be used for outside events where numbers are limited or for firms that rarely sell wine.

Table Top Wine Bucket/Cooler

A dedicated wine bucket is necessary for all licensed restaurants and pubs. When a customer orders a bottle of white or sparkling, they should be provided with a wine bucket as standard to keep wine chilled at the table. These buckets won’t make wine any colder, but the temperature will rise far slower than without one. The best wine buckets are made from stainless steel.

Large Wine Chillers

Either a tall stand-up chiller or an under counter wine chiller is ideal for pubs and restaurants that need to keep plenty of wine chilled at all times. Commercial bottle coolers like those found at are different to normal fridges in that the temperature is consistent in all areas of the chiller. This means there is less risk of cross contamination to food than if the fridge was being continually opened to retrieve wine. These chillers can also be located within customer view to aid selection, as they tend to have clear glass frontages.

As you can see for many pubs, restaurants and cafes, an undercounter or standup wine chiller is the best answer for your wine chilling needs.