Things That You Don’t Want to Find in your Drains

Drains are a vital part of keeping our homes clean. They remove all of the waste from the property and ensure that we have a clean water supply. Drainage systems in the UK have been around since the Victorian times, with many of our sewers that we use today dating back to that time.

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Drainage systems in our homes take wastewater to sewers where it can then be taken away and treated at a water processing plant, and turned to clean water, before being sent back to our homes.

It is important that we keep our drains healthy to keep ourselves healthy, and if you suspect a problem with your drains you should get a professional like this drain lining company to come and check it for you, and repair it if necessary. Signs of problems with drainage include a bad smell, water not draining away, or leaking water from a drain.

Some of the things that can get into our drains cause problems – here are three things that could be causing a problem in your drain…

Tree Roots – If you have trees growing near your home, then it is important to keep an eye on your drains. Tree roots will look for water underground, and in dry spells they may often make their way into drains where there is water. Tree roots cause damage to the pipes and can block them, so you should always be aware of this if you have nearby trees, especially after a long dry spell.

Rats – Unfortunately rats thrive around humans and our waste is what attracts them. Drains provide rats with water, food and places to live, and therefore they can cause a lot of damage to drains. Rats can famously chew through hard substances such as pipes, which can cause damage and leaks in the pipes. As well as this, it is not ideal to have rats living around your property as they also carry diseases.

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Fatbergs – Found in sewers, fatbergs are a combination of all sorts of things that shouldn’t be going down the drain! Fats and grease, hair, and food waste are among the things that make up fatbergs, and they cause blockages in drains too! Be careful about what is going down your plugholes to avoid having to deal with this!