Things We Find Comforting When The Weather Is Bad

When it’s cold outside, there are some things that we naturally turn to in order to make ourselves feel comforted and warm. Here are some of those things:

Hot drinks – Coming in from freezing temperatures or wet and windy weather, the first thing many of us do is put the kettle on. Whether tea is your tipple or you crave a coffee, we love our hot drinks. A firm winter favourite is hot chocolate. For a real treat, top with mini marshmallows and warm your toes in front of the fire.

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Blankets/Throws – Many sofas are adorned with soft, plush blankets and throws to snuggle underneath in front of the TV. Plush, velvety throws add a touch of luxury to the decor, as well as providing a comforting retreat away from the worst of the weather hammering at your windows.

Jumpers – Nothing feels better than putting on a warm, woolly jumper when it’s cold outside. Consider wool, as surprisingly, it has moisture wicking properties which makes it ideal to wear in wet weather. For irish sweater men products, visit a site like

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Comfort food – Some meals are made for soothing the soul and we often turn to these winter warmers to comfort us when dark days are long and the outdoors is uninviting. Popular choices include hot pots, stews, soups, dumplings, chilli and macaroni cheese, for example. Thick, flavourful and filling to warm your cockles!