What to look for in student accommodation

How you feel at university and how successful you are in your studies can be greatly influenced by where you live while you’re there. There are many options available, so which is best for you? Here are some considerations to help you make that decision:

Decide on a budget

One of the biggest factors is going to be how much you have to spend on rent. It’s a big commitment so the finances must be examined carefully before making that commitment. Do this before you start to look round properties. There’s no point in looking at 5-star apartments when you can’t afford them.

On or off campus?

Once you’ve made this choice, the search will become easier. Look at the average rates in the area you want and then begin booking viewings. For top quality Student accommodation Gloucester, visit http://studentaccommodationgloucester.co.uk

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Other big considerations include the location of your accommodation and how convenient it is to access transport links to both the college and the centre of town. What’s in the immediate vicinity? Are there plenty of shops, a convenient supermarket within walking distance or a local library for example? You want to be within walking distance of the Uni or at most, a short bus ride away.

Read the small print

Most of us are guilty of skipping the small print, but for a commitment as big as this, it pays to know exactly what you’re signing up to. The small print will tell you if there any additional fees that might come as a nasty surprise in the future.

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Prepare ahead for the fact that you’ll need a deposit to secure your accommodation. Deposits are going up in cost, so when paying a booking fee or deposit, be sure to receive a written agreement from the landlord detailing exactly what’s covered by the deposit. You’ll want a full furniture inventory too. Is there a study area, will you need to share a bathroom and is the cleaning included or will you need to do it? Does the property include a gym, a computer room and WiFi.

A good internet connection and mobile signal are essential in this digital age. Choose carefully as you’ll need to live there for the next year at least. Don’t settle for less than the best if you want a wonderful university experience.