Do solar panels impact your neighbours?

Solar panels can cause discussions among neighbours but there are things that can be done to mitigate any concerns. This is a fairly complex issue but many concerns that neighbours have can be addressed at an early stage to prevent any sort of conflict in the future and ensure that everyone is happy in the end.

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Visual Impact

You may worry that your neighbours will be concerned about ‘unsightly’ solar panels. Recent studies show, however, that solar panels don’t have any sort of significant impact when it comes to property values. This is especially true when they are installed by specialists in solar panel installation Avonmouth and elsewhere.

As an added bonus, a recent study even revealed that properties with solar panels can sell faster than those without.

Moves to minimise impact

Professional installers such as can offer advice on how and where to position the panels in order to minimise the impact on any neighbours. You should also consult with people in your area and your local authority in order to make sure that you are complying with any local regulations and your installation is not likely to cause unnecessary inconvenience to your neighbours.

You can read more about the type of regulations that may affect solar panel installations on the Renewable Energy Hub website here.

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Modern designs

Modern solar panels are designed to minimise visual impact on neighbours. They are supposed to be visually unobtrusive, blending in seamlessly with your local environment. They are sleek and there is a choice of design options which allows you to pick the right one for your property and the local area. There is also the option to use hidden mounting systems and integrated roof panels to complement the architecture of your neighbourhood.