Need more sales? Try this


The fourth and final quarter of the year has just begun. For many self-employed people, this is the most revenue-generating time at all. Now you can really get on with it.

salesA hot tip: Do not worry about what is going to happen this year, what things are going to be urgently needed (and which are not!) And – most importantly, CONSIDER: HOW MUCH SALES DO I REALLY WANT TO MAKE THIS YEAR?

If you think about this carefully and throw clear numbers into the room, it can happen that these numbers become reality. Really!

It is not enough to think: “Joah, a few thousand dollars would be nice again this year.”

You need concrete amounts so this method works!

I like to use them myself (sometimes I forget them in the zeal of the battles – I dummies) and recommend them to my customers.

At the end of August, I had put myself and times the numbers: What can still money around this year?

And for all my projects and business separately.

All three together then result in the large sum of revenue that this year can still feed.

And – it was once again really fascinating, even sinister: a short time later a new customer of the way came and booked some Z for coaching and web design!

I was really baffled

It was the highest of the three sums. I had rather thought that over the months lumped together, but hardly the amount of black on white on paper he already migrated to my account.

In my customers it was similar: the desired numbers became real.

One of them said, ” Before my last big action, I had written down my sales target. I almost had a point landing a few dollars I was even over it.sales

Is that magic? Pure random?

I think it is the clarity that you win yourself and then also radiate and dress in some form.

Partially unconsciously you work (or whoever ;-)) that this thought / these numbers become reality.

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It works

Just as you visualize with a vision board goals and wishes you can also attract money. Your subconscious needs good pictures and clear announcements so it knows where it is long.

You write these numbers on a sheet of paper and you can then pack them to the files. If necessary, you look between times again.

The most important

Your numbers must be like this:

Realistic, feasible.

Bigger than what you think pretty shy. Let them motivate you!

Take the first number that appears and screw it around. Turn them higher! Do not turn it too high, but increase it until an amount comes out that makes you slightly nervous (“Can I really do that?”).sales

Do not be too modest and not too greedy!

It is important that these numbers challenge you, but that you can imagine them in your more daring dreams.

Should you allow yourself a small joke and say, “Haha! This year, I still loose one Mille! “Then you must not be surprised if the method fails. Your subconscious mind must be able to believe what you are saying. It must be feasible. Within the scope of your possibilities.sales

You have to think about “How is the coal to get?”

In the course of the quarter, you can always check the numbers and fine-tune them. If you did not reach your sales target in the middle of November and the forecasts look bad, then start an advertising campaign or look for new customers so the money has more chances.