Without Fear Of Turning On The Light

Low consumption, that makes possible a project lighting responsible and tailored to the needs of each room.

Let there be light. And the light was made, but, yes, in low power mode. In times where concepts such as the megawatt-hour, renewable energies, and nuclear power plants are part of our conversations, it is time to change our mentality at home (and out of it) and bet on efficient, consuming lighting. And not just for economic reasons.

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Lighting at your service

A good light project enriches the perception of space and helps us to expand its capabilities. In order to save, it is necessary, first, not to go with the contracted power, since this factor represents 40% of the final amount of our invoice; And second to adapt the habits to the moments in which the energy comes out cheaper, taking special care in not wasting.

Without fear of turning on the light1

The power of light

The lighting is a variant that adds points in the distribution and decoration of the spaces, but also can produce the opposite effect and lose them, before a bad light project. Each zone requires a type of lighting, so it is not necessary to illuminate your room as if it were a laboratory. It is necessary to adapt the space requirements to the luminaires, that is, to control the light. We must have a lamp for each function and in each place, that helps us to create beauty, highlights the volumes and the geometry, through the compositions of lights and the shadows. It is about creating light in an efficient way, contributing the right amount to each corner and each use, achieving comfort and beauty, without wasting.

Without fear of turning on the light2

LED: low-cost lighting

LED technology has opened an important road, a road in which there are no waivers. Obviously, offers significant economic savings, but its advantages over other options go much further because giving less heat provides a uniform light, which adapts to different uses, with different tones and colors. Everything a plus on a decorative level. In addition, it is possible to integrate it in any design, without having to modify any of the environment.

Without fear of turning on the light3

Spectacular designs

They are made possible by technology, LED since it allows to create luminarias in the infinity of forms – until unthinkable – to focus the light or to hide the emitters. So far (almost) impossible issues. By reducing consumption, other possibilities come into play, to subtly illuminate spaces and activities: a reading corner, work area on the kitchen counter, etc.

Without fear of turning on the light4

The power of the shadows. To create an ideal lighting environment, which is not noticed in the bill, you must avoid the excess of light and play with the shadows, ‘accompanying’ the emotions, that pierce us with their darkness and create powerful and magical atmospheres.