Property prices and gentrification

A help to buy valuation is a measure many people need to consider as it is a compulsory step that needs to be completed before repayments of a help to buy loan can be made. This is one of the processes that makes purchasing a home using the help to buy scheme different from the regular process. The help to buy schemes are there to allow first time buyers to purchase properties they may otherwise have been unable to afford. These schemes are loved by many, but a significant proportion of the population finds it still unaffordable to purchase property in the country. This is partly due to the lack of any restrictions of pricing on the property market. Deregulation is very popular amongst landlords and property moguls and developers who can make millions in profits by selling private properties. Rising property prices are also a side effect of gentrification and pushes many people out of neighbourhood they can no longer afford. Gentrification can create jobs, but it also reduces the diversity in many areas.

Gentrification is a very controversial issue that is happening all over London. There are many books and documentaries that cover this phenomenon. They discuss the future of the city if gentrification is allowed to occur in every neighbourhoods without protective measure being put in place for residents.