Strength and Conditioning in Football

Football is the most participated sport in the world and requires the individual to have a wide range of technical, psychological and athletic skills. The simplicity of the game makes it accessible to anyone and it is enjoyed by men and women of all ages and abilities.

However, for those who want to improve their performance and compete at their best, they may try to improve their physical condition in order to maximize its impact in the field. Strength and Conditioning is a contemporary term used to describe the deliberate efforts to improve physical attributes.

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Injury prevention

Being able to stay injury-free should be the number one goal of all strength and conditioning activities. Each player will explain their frustration when they cannot play due to injury and once injuries occur, they quite often return or linger for a while, limiting the performance of training or matches. Injury prevention is a part of daily life for professional players and can help reduce the frequency of non-contact injury.

No player will stay injury free forever, but the idea is to reduce risk factors to injury, such as muscle weakness, poor posture, reduced flexibility or poor movement and to reduce the likelihood of external factors causing injuries during contact or landing, for example.

Effective movement is very important for soccer players. The ability to move each joint through the full range of motion will help to reduce risks from bad posture and the additional stress on the muscles and joints that can lead to overuse or traumatic injury. Try out some new Soccer Drills from a site like

There are many activities that you can do to reduce the risk of injuries such as Yoga and Pilates, but the emphasis should be on moving well through a range of motion. Specific areas to focus on include the knees, ankles, hips and core because these are most often inhibited through repetitive or excessive activity.

Improve performance

So, now you are on the road to staying injury-free, it is possible to begin to see how performance can be improved by increasing strength. The underlying skills that all athletes require such as- speed, strength, and agility are all strongly associated with injury reduction. If you can increase the amount of force your muscles can generate and receive from the soil, you will be on the right path to run faster, jump higher faster and change direction.

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Although research suggests we should use 60-80% of our maximum, this will be very individual. The completion of any resistance training should be technical and with a focus on performing it well, allowing for a full range of motion. Should a resistance exercise feel like it is being compromised, it’s important to reduce that resistance.