Why Should You Send Out Graduation Cards?

If you’ve been putting off writing your graduation announcement for months or even years, consider handwritten graduation cards. Handwritten messages convey sincerity and compassion. They also serve as invitations to the real graduation celebration. In addition, these cards can be a wonderful way to thank people for their support. Here are some advantages to sending out graduation cards:

They lead to gifts

Graduates don’t register for graduation gifts; they leave that to future baby showers and weddings. Gifts express love, so do not be shy about asking what the graduate would like. While graduation memorabilia is a nice gesture, remember that it will soon lose its novelty by next year. Consider a practical gift instead. The graduate will surely appreciate an iPad case, a Nook tablet, or noise-canceling headphones. And don’t forget the small appliances for dorm rooms. Small refrigerators are usually allowed in dorm rooms and make excellent graduation gifts. Finally, don’t forget to stock up on a gift certificate.

To make opening presents easier:

  1. Prepare a list of gifts.
  2. If you receive them through the mail, make a list of who gave what.
  3. If you’re unsure who gave what, have a parent or other family member do it.

Please write down the giver’s name, what the gift was for, and when it was given. Otherwise, you’ll likely have trouble remembering who gave what. It’s important to remember to keep track of all gifts, even if it is a single one.

They are an invitation to the actual graduation festivities.

When you order your graduation cards, you’re sending out invitations to the festivities. Not only do you invite your immediate family members, but you’re also inviting everyone to attend the ceremony and celebrate with your graduate. Of course, if you aren’t able to get everyone to come, you should still extend an invitation to all those you know who are in town. But you should also include a reply card with postage – it’s a great way to get quick RSVPs. And don’t forget to send out thank you cards after the ceremony.

As you choose your graduation cards, keep in mind the personality and theme of the graduate. Graduation cards should reflect this. Aside from that, you should consider the type of card, too. Some designs are available only in one form, while others offer you the chance to choose the card stock and fold it as you see fit. Whatever you decide on, your cards should reflect the personality and taste of your graduate!

They are a great way to thank people.

It is important to thank people for the gifts and help they gave you at graduation. You can use graduation cards to show your gratitude and appreciation. The recipients should receive them within a couple of months. You can also send the cards to their workplaces. Make sure that you include a personalized note to make them feel special. Let the recipient know that the card is a gift of appreciation for their time and help.

You can thank family and friends who helped you achieve your dream of becoming a graduate. You can mention how proud and happy they made you. You can also mention how emotional they made you feel when they surprised you with a graduation gift or card. The family and friends who have been by your side throughout this journey will feel special and appreciated. If you have the time, you can include an emotional note on the card.

They can be framed

You can frame your graduation card by framing the photo insert. These cards measure five by seven inches and can be personalized to display your favorite photos of your graduate. Plus, they can be recycled! First, frame your card and share it with family and friends. Then, you can use it to share your life update. Graduation cards are a great way to commemorate your special day! 

You can add a grid of photos to your graduation card. Then, make sure to leave enough room for text. For example, include your full name, the name of your graduating class, the school, and your plans for the future. You can also include a small caption so your guests know you’re proud of your graduate’s accomplishments! And don’t forget to add a photo of yourself.