Pros and Cons of Renting a Room in Dorms

A student accommodation refers to the arrangement of furniture and equipment for the students residing in a particular college or school. Dorms are generally small buildings, sometimes having only one or two rooms, designed exclusively for students so that they may have their own personal space and have a place to sleep. They are usually shared by many students of the same sex or a specific gender. They provide the students with their own personal space and safety. It can range from a single room, dormitory or suite.

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A student accommodation can be described as either privately owned or rented. A privately owned one has its own specifications as far as design and features while student housing options belong to the governmental institutions or university on behalf of the government. The two types are broadly separated based on the ownership of the property but there are similarities. It is possible for a person to rent a room in a dorm without occupying it physically. There are many pros and cons when renting a place, such as the pros and cons of student housing options.


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There are various types of student accommodation options such as dormitories, guest houses, hostels, board and lodging and university halls. The costs of these accommodations can vary depending on their features. Dorms are more costly than other accommodations because of its limited number of rooms and shared environment. On the other hand, Student Accommodation Cheltenham such as Your perfect Pad offer better value for money when compared to other accommodation options.