Effective Home Remedies against Blisters on Feet

Effective Home Remedies against Blisters on Feet

They are hard to avoid, but treating them is a breeze. Discover 8 tips to relieve and heal blisters quickly.

Homemade treatment: Prevent a light bulb with deodorant

Bulbs are aggravated by moisture and friction, so it’s best to keep your feet dry if you want to prevent them from forming. Spend deodorant gel on the sides and top of your feet thoroughly dry before putting on a new pair of shoes; the deodorant should act as a home remedy to lubricate any problem area and reduce friction.Effective Home Remedies against Blisters on Feet

Quickly relieve the bulbs: Put them in the shelter to protect them

Dressings reduce friction and protect your blister from irritating contact, but the way you apply them can hinder the healing of your blister. Create a “mini tent” by bringing the adhesive ends closer to the bandage when you glue it so that the padded part of the center rises slightly above the bulb. This homemade solution allows the bulb to breathe, which activates its healing in addition to protecting it from friction, dust, and dirt that could cause an infection.Effective Home Remedies against Blisters on Feet

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Moisten your green tea ampoules, to relieve them quickly

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help with healing. First, brew three tea bags in boiling water, then add 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of baking soda (for its antiseptic properties). Allow the mixture to cool, and then soak the bulb. If your bulb has not exploded yet, you can accelerate healing by soaking it in warm water to help soften and drain the fluids trapped inside.Effective Home Remedies against Blisters on Feet

Add cider vinegar

Be careful, it will sing! But it’s worth it because apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties that will help an exploded bulb not to become infected. If the application of vinegar is too painful, try washing the area with hydrogen peroxide, then cover the ampoule with an antibacterial ointment.Effective Home Remedies against Blisters on Feet

Vitamin E from castor oil

Castor oil is a very popular home remedy against blisters. How to do it: Apply oil before going to bed and let it work all night to help the bulb dry and heal. You can mix oil castor with apple cider for a faster relief.Effective Home Remedies against Blisters on Feet

Dab your ampoules with witch hazel

Hamamelis contains astringent tannins that will help your bulb dry, stay clean and heal. Use a new cotton swab for each application.Effective Home Remedies against Blisters on Feet

Try aloe gel to relieve your blisters on the feet

As Aloe is an anti-inflammatory, it will reduce the redness and swelling that cause pain. Studies have also shown that aloe is as effective as conventional medications for treating second- and third-degree burns, making it an excellent remedy for blisters.Effective Home Remedies against Blisters on Feet

Let her breathe

Many doctors admit that a bulb will heal faster if it is left in a clean environment. Remove bandages when you are at home so your bulb can breathe and dry. To protect it from infection and accelerate healing, apply a thin layer of antibacterial ointment.

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