How To Eliminate The Belly: Diet, Exercises And Advice

How To Eliminate The Belly Diet Exercises And Advice

Eliminating the belly is the dream of every woman or man who, afflicted by the unsightly rolls, wants to acquire a leaner physical form. Erase the protuberances that cover the abdomen but it is not so easy, but we must not lose heart and, following a fair and balanced diet, accompanied by a little ‘physical activity and some advice is possible to achieve satisfactory results discourage though and follow the right advice that will slowly show satisfactory results even in a short time.

It is clear that constancy is the main weapon to fight and eliminate the belly, and follow the right rules is not so difficult: if you enter the optics that eliminate the belly is not just a question of aesthetics but above all a question of health, then that awareness triggers to follow a specific program in order to avoid damage to health. Following diet exercises and tips to eliminate the belly.

How to eliminate the belly: the recommended diet

Fasting is certainly not the best way to eliminate the belly, but you need to follow a targeted food program to dissolve the fat pads that focus on the abdomen. Fasting, on the other hand, inevitably leads to weight gain because, by not taking the right calories and by making a wrong diet, it can occur that the body draws energy from the muscles rather than from the fat. As a result, the muscles are reduced and the fact remains.

How To Eliminate The Belly Diet Exercises And Advice

In a proper diet, meals are divided into 5 phases, to stimulate the metabolism and allow foods to be assimilated to the fullest instead of being reduced to stocks of fat. To obtain concrete results and do not run the risk of causing damage to the body with a do-it-yourself diet, it is advisable to be followed by a dietician who will create a slimming diet suitable for our needs. In general, however, the foods to avoid are those fats, refined, and precooked, high-calorie, cheese, salami and dairy products not thin.

The ideal meat to be consumed to eliminate the belly is lean meat, and therefore chicken breast or rabbit meat is preferred; moreover, fruit and salad should never be lacking, two excellent hunger breaks, the whole foods because they are rich in fiber and deflate the intestine, but sometimes the dried fruit, the thin slices such as rump turkey, egg whites, lean fish and all foods that do not create gas.

In the diet to be followed to eliminate the belly is very important breakfast, which gives the energy needed to face the day: so large skim milk, whole grains, biscuits, jam without sugar or honey, fruit juice without added sugar and fruit. Unfailing is the snack before lunch, to do inevitably do not get hungry for the main meals of the day. The snack should preferably be fruit-based or a nice cup of green tea is fine.

For lunch, it is important to opt for foods containing lean proteins, then whole grains and vegetables: an ideal meal can consist of rice, fruit and, finally, a nice juice; for the snack a good vegetable centrifuge is perfect, with fennel, lettuce, radicchio, carrots and 2 kiwis, or whole wheat bread and bresaola, always followed by a fruit.

The dinner should consist of a light meal, such as a minestrone with vegetables and potatoes to be seasoned with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, lean or grilled fish and a fruit.

During the week it is possible to indulge in some whims, maybe chocolate or a dessert, but without exaggerating.

How to eliminate the belly: exercises to do at home

It is useless to follow a proper diet and not even practice a minimum physical activity if you want to eliminate the belly. To melt the fat it is mandatory to move, otherwise, the calories do not burn and the fact remains attached to the abdomen. The ideal time to burn calories that the body must necessarily draw from the fat in the morning, but nothing prevents you to move even during the day, maybe taking a walk, engage in activities such as gardening or other hobbies, attend a pool and much more.How To Eliminate The Belly Diet Exercises And Advice

The opportunities are certainly not lacking and even climbing or descending the stairs becomes a good habit to dispose of fat and flatten the stomach. If instead, you decide to do some exercises to accompany a balanced diet, here are some very effective exercises to eliminate the belly. These are simple exercises, to be spent no more than 15 minutes a day and to be performed in the morning or evening to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Begin the first exercise to eliminate the belly lying on the ground:

  • Make at least 100 rides in the air with your feet almost touching the ground;
  • Always keep your back on the ground, cross your hands behind your neck and lift your torso by bending it towards your knees, then return to the floor. To perform this exercise it is necessary to have the ankles held firm by someone and to execute two sets of 20;
  • Back to the ground, raise the legs perpendicular and lower them without touching the ground. Perform two sets of 20;
  • Back to the ground; keep hands crossed behind the nape and legs perpendicular to the ceiling. Raise your torso trying to touch your legs. Perform two sets of 15.

Stand up, lift the right leg bent and at the same time touch the knee with the right elbow while holding the abdominal is in tension. Repeat with opposite leg and arm and perform two sets of 20.

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You can also perform prone bending, to do with hands that touch the floor and legs stretched out with the feet on the bed, taking care to always keep the abdominal tension. For an effective result, it is appropriate to execute two sets of 15.

Obviously, the exercises are advisable to associate the running or walking, to relax and prepare the body to relax without too much effort. Aerobic exercises are also very useful and effective for eliminating the stomach and helping to keep the body light by shaping the belly.

How to eliminate the belly: useful tips

In addition to targeted nutrition and exercises to eliminate the belly, it is also advisable to follow some tips to lose weight quickly and make diet and training more effective. For example, one piece of advice to follow is to drink 1 cup of warm water with half a lemon squeezed as soon as you get up, a good habit to stimulate diuresis.How To Eliminate The Belly Diet Exercises And Advice

An enemy of the flat abdomen is instead constipation: to prevent this annoying disorder it is advisable to drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in fiber, in order to promote intestinal regularity. Take care, during meals, not to gorge: eating in a hurry is, in fact, counterproductive and facilitates the accumulation of air, inevitably inflate the stomach.

Another advice to follow is to eliminate from the diet the sodas and alcoholic drinks, leavened foods, such as bread and pizza and opt for draining foods like pineapple and grapefruit. Also, limit the use of salt and prefer spices instead.

A rule to follow scrupulously to help the effects of diet and training are to not eat anything after 20, because, moving less the metabolism slows down and the calories are deposited on the hips and abdomen facilitating the accumulation of fat.