What is an Idea or Concept in Architecture?

Developing architectural concepts is an area of practice that many architects and students struggle with. This is partly due to the fact that it’s an area of design that isn’t necessarily taught in many architecture schools, and partly because it requires a particular way of thinking and a certain mindset.

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The best architectural design concepts are ones that take into consideration a wide range of factors, including the site and its context. These are often the most influential elements of any design, and can help guide an architect throughout the design process. For Residential Architects Kensington, consider www.rbddesign.com/architects-design/residential-architecture-london/architects-kensington

A strong contextual architectural concept will often explore ways of blending into its natural surroundings, or perhaps exploring how it can stand as a juxtaposition against them. Alternatively it may seek to create something that is more of a statement within its environment, or even be designed with a sense of fun.

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Other types of architectural concepts can be inspired by building typologies, research and analysis, and even by personal experiences and perceptions. The important thing is that the resulting design concept has enough integrity and value to provide a good foundation for the rest of the design process.

Ultimately, the architecture concept is the roadmap that architects follow to turn their abstract ideas into a functional physical structure. It sets the direction of the project and enables architects to make informed decisions during construction. Whether it’s one of the world’s great construction wonders like the Giza Pyramids, or a simple single floor plan house, the most successful architectural projects all start with a well-defined concept.