Discover the Most Accessible International Scholarships

Discover the Most Accessible International Scholarships

There are hundreds of international scholarships that will help you to have new formative experiences

  • All students, with or without resources, can apply for scholarships that will facilitate their training and expand their professional skills.
  • These are some of the international scholarships that you can access and that is convened with the certain periodicity.
  • The grants for excellence will allow you to access resources, thanks to your academic merits and the effort you have devoted to your studies.

Study abroad or access more exclusive training programs are training options available to many, thanks to the facilities offered by the scholarship programs.

Discover the Most Accessible International Scholarships

Many of these scholarships focus on rewarding excellence, so the requirements taken into account are the academic merits and the involvement of students in their educational development.

Other of these scholarships are thought to facilitate the formation and university mobility to students without resources or who need to count on financial help to face the expenses of matrícula and stay in foreign universities.

In the scholarships section of University, you can consult all active assistance programs and carry out your search, according to your training objectives or the resources you need to extend your university experience or your professional practices.

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International scholarships

Talent Program for Women 2018

25 scholarships for women with STEM training and who wish to pursue postgraduate studies and international scholarships and national training practices.

Graduates interested in masters and postgraduate courses in Mathematics, Telecommunications, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering or Digital Technology can access this aid program that seeks to end the gender gap in certain areas of work.

Fulbright Scholarships

If your desire is to train in the United States, Fulbright scholarships are the most appropriate.

They allocate funds to university staff, graduates, and university students.

With its scholarship programs, you can take a training stay in one of its partner universities, get an exchange scholarship for research or do a master’s degree.

They tend to be aids to excellence, so it is important that you have achieved good academic merits and have completed them with other experiences that facilitate the acquisition of skills that they value positively, such as volunteering or language skills.

Discover the Most Accessible International Scholarships

Structuralia Scholarships

They are aimed at engineering students who want to expand their training with graduate degrees and training experiences in other universities.

Currently, they offer several scholarships for their different masters, both in attendance and in online teaching.

The granting of the grants is based on academic merits and the excellence of the student profile.

Your university or local bodies can inform you about other types of aid aimed at the promotion of students. Many private institutions dedicate funds, in collaboration with certain Spanish universities.

In addition, at the local level, the governments of each autonomous community offer grants for university students, where the student’s resources and academic excellence are taken into account.