What do Gen Z workers want?

The world is changing, and with it our workplaces. The last few years have seen huge leaps forward in terms of office and corporate culture, including equal pay for women, increased diversity and inclusion and a move to more flexible working patterns.

Gen Z – those born between the late 90s and 2010s – have not had an easy time of it, with the COVID-19 pandemic hugely limiting their schooling and university experiences, and the economic fall-out also impacting them harshly. It is harder than ever for young people to get on the property ladder for example. With these lost opportunities, it’s no wonder that this disadvantaged generation is demanding more from life and their workplaces. But what do Gen Z workers want?

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Decent Pay

With the UK cost of living and property prices being higher than ever, Gen Z knows that they need to get the highest paying job possible to help them progress in life. This means that many Gen Z are voting with their feet and moving jobs if a better pay offer comes along.


As well as the basics like pay, Gen Z also wants a nice working environment and to feel appreciated, so things like office lunch delivery, nice coffee and wellbeing chats are a must. While employers may think that things like office lunch delivery are a ‘nice-to-have’, they can make a huge impact on staff morale.

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Ethical Workplaces

Gen Z are more informed and politically active than any generation in history. Treating your staff and clients fairly and ethically, and adopting an inclusive and diverse working environment really is non-negotiable for many Gen Z workers.


Gen Z are also going to face the brunt of climate change throughout their lives and accordingly are much more focused on helping the environment. To attract Gen Z workers and keep them happy, sustainability must be taken seriously in their workplace.

Flexible working

Most workers nowadays prefer flexible working arrangements and Gen Z are no exception. So if you can offer hybrid working, then do.