9 more tips to growing your organic web traffice

If you can grow the organic traffic that visits your site you can avoid huge advertising costs. Here are nine more tips that can get your traffic statistics going in the right direction.

9 more tips to growing your organic web traffice

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1. Consolidate content to rise up the rankings

If you have two posts on a similar subject, collapsing them into the more highly ranked post will gain more organic traffic. Then you can work with an SEO agency in Dublin to choose the best keywords.

2. Link to influencers in your area

Get your name known by influencers that matter. According to Digital Marketing Magazine, it’s essential to build up a relationship with the influencer based on mutual interest and trust. Then the relationship will be mutually beneficial and long lasting.

3. Partner up with another company

Collaborations can be very successful. Work with a partner on a joint case study, a report based on data that you both provide or on a charitable campaign.

9 more tips to growing your organic web traffice2

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4. Linkable assests

Ask SEO experts such as http://www.rycomarketing.ie/search-engine-optimisation-seo.html to build out highly-linkable assets. They should either gear towards ranking for a particular keyword or should pass links to content that you want to rank.

5. Sign up for press alerts in your niche

Get a link to your site in major publications by responding to requests from journalists. Keep an eye out for email alerts.

6. Ask the experts

Put together a round-up of opinions from experts on a hot topic. This is what web users are looking for, so make sure that they find it on your site.

7. Cluster around a subject

Have a few themes for your content and build your posts around it. By doing this, Google will associate your content with specific topics and rank you higher.

8. Time your promotion activities

Launch some major new content at the same time as you guest post on a couple of relevant websites. This will drive a large amount of relevant traffic to your new post right from the start and help it to rise up the rankings.

9. Obtain influencer reviews

Get some key influencers in your niche to publish reviews of your product with links to your site. You get your product placed in front of your potential customers and the added bonus of building relationships.