‘Blair Witch’ a missed opportunity

I remember perfectly everything surrounding the premiere of ‘The draft Blair Witch’ ( ‘The Blair Witch Project’, a small horror film that made a very wise marketing campaign online to end up becoming one of the most profitable independent productions history. Less luck had its sequel released just a year later; he gave money, but was crushed by critics and audiences.

Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, writers and directors of ‘The project of the Blair Witch,’ and tried to push through a third installment long ago, but the project was unsuccessful. The saga seemed dead until Lionsgate announced by surprise that ‘The Woods’, the new film by Adam Wingard, was actually ‘Blair Witch’ , a direct sequel to the original keeping the style of it. A tempting proposal that has ended up being a missed opportunity.

blair-witch-a-missed-opportunityThe tyranny of being part of a franchise

I do not have many good things to say about ‘The Book of Shadows’, but I appreciate that it was not merely the first installment a copy, a fatal error that has affected many of horror films. Moreover, this is a resource that is increasingly becoming popular again with the revival of sagas with consequences that are very close to being a covert remake, just the same as happens with ‘Blair Witch’.

That’s something so brutal ## limited options Adam Wingard to make the movie yours. Lately he had specialized in assimilating more – ‘The Guest’ – or less – ‘You’re next’ – Fortune existing formulas and take them to their land, opting to do so by solutions ranging from Simple tribute to the surface something exploration, yes- juicy concepts.

Expected final maturity came with ‘The Woods’ and I think it has been largely end up being called ‘Blair Witch’. The big question I have is whether the professional duo Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett has not had the ambition to go further, if Lionsgate did not want to do or has been a confluence of it all. Whatever the reason, the film is damaged by winning a path that left room for very few surprises.

It is true that technological advances reflected the supernatural factor though its really just overriding importance and some curious details about the fascination that cause twisted cases like Blair Witch -Topic are introduced on already turned in his when ‘the book of sombras’-, but for most of the footage knows all too well known to be affected by extra form so hackneyed that is currently the use of found footage in the horror genre, something he knew in 1999 a novelty.

‘Blair Witch’ worthy but unsatisfactory

However, it would be unfair to ignore the solvency with which Wingard reflects those ingredients you have at your disposal. The problem is that they are outdated and one just by looking more in mareantes that can be specific moments or how much they trust the most free cutting frights to prevent boredom acquire possession of the beholder. Resemble those of ‘The draft Blair Witch’, but here everything is more noticeable thought , technically better finish could almost say that the first version was the amateur and the professional – in question, but without that special glow in the content that allowed him to overcome his limited means.

The question is to reproduce what was a bombshell at the time is something already complicated, but in some cases it is simply impossible. Here it was needed more personality and less respect to the original. In the final section some of it is , partly because of the particularities of history-own brother Heather is determined to find her, but also by the ability to Wingard raise tension and shoot some scenes with enough force.

That final energy allows the film to escape mediocrity and end up being a decent film, but also unsatisfactory. The latter was one of the first thoughts that went through my head during that first hour, but was curiously more when ‘Blair Witch’ showed their best cards. The reason? Because its leaders show that they really were capable of more and for one reason or another did not want to.

In short, ‘Blair Witch’ is not a bad movie, but it leaves you with a bad taste for their inability to find their own voice beyond some details during the final stretch. Late and insufficient. Like it or not – there were views for everyone in the audience at the moment, ‘The draft Blair Witch’ was a special film and that concerns us is more, almost a mere marketing operation to see if they returned to repeat the success of then. It has not been the case.