You train hard and not feel muscle? The cause may be your sleep

If some time you decided to leave everything in the gym with the aim of hypertrophy and so you did but you fail results, you should know that the cause of your muscle gain cannot be in your sleep.

Achieve quality sleep and enough time each night will not only help you perform better physically when train and thus achieve an effective stimulus for the development of your muscles, but can also be key to hormones, energy and all internal environment fits your body to gain muscle.

you-train-hard-and-not-feel-muscle-the-cause-may-be-your-sleepFor our body to function properly and be able to compensate for the physical effort we make, repairing and creating new structures is key to sleep well every night.

With adequate rest not only will reduce cortisol, a hormone that must control if we want to gain muscle but also will favor the release of testosterone, key to hypertrophy.

Also, our metabolism function properly and be more efficient obtaining energy.

Sleep more and better

The cause of non – muscle gain despite working hard in the gym and you feed properly, can be in your few hours of sleep or your sleep of poor quality.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends in young adults; sleep between 7 and 9 hours per day , with a recommended minimum 6 hours each night.

However it is important that beyond the duration of rest we care quality because it does not achieve a deep and restful sleep can be enough to disrupt the proper functioning of the body.

It is therefore key not make large meals just before going to bed, nor abuse of exciting food. You can help make a relaxing activity, sleep in darkness and choose a good mattress and pillow, and other tricks that will help us get more rest and better.

Remember the golden triangle of fitness is composed of diet, exercise and rest, so the cause of the absence of muscle gain can be in your dream.