Creating a Memory Box with a Dementia Sufferer

Dementia is an extremely upsetting illness, both for the person who is suffering from it and the surrounding family and friends. As there is currently no cure, the person may be able to receive treatment that can limit some of the worst effects of the illness, and most people who suffer from dementia will need to live in a specialist care home such as this care home Weston Super Mare based Notaro where they can be looked after safely.

As well as medicines, there are ways that family can help people who suffer from dementia, and one of those ways is by creating a special memory box.

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This is nice for family members and the person who has dementia – it is a lovely way to bond and reminisce about old times. You could also help them to create a book with some of their memories written in, to go along with the box.

Often, dementia sufferers have problems with their short-term memories, but can recall events from long ago – a memory box of familiar items can be a helpful and comforting way for them to relive happy times in their lives.

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You could create a box from a specific time period in their lives, such as when they were first married – fill it with pictures and memories from that year – maybe postcards from where they went on honeymoon, or pictures of the car that they drove at the time.