Creating a more relaxing living room

Our lives are busy enough, what with commuting, working, family commitments etc. When we get home, what we really need is an environment that instantly soothes and relaxes us – our very own haven of peace. The one room that should offer this kind of welcome is the living room. Here are some clever ways to create a living room that feels like it’s giving you a hug:

  1. Remove unnecessary clutter

One of the most important ways to create a feeling of serenity is to clear away all unnecessary clutter from our lives. You need to find a balance between space and objects. With regards to decoration and décor, strip away anything that isn’t essential. Decluttering is vital in achieving a more peaceful environment.

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  1. Consider the arrangement of furniture

Placing furniture in the right places will greatly enhance the feeling of peace and comfort in a room. Just like people, furniture needs a little breathing space around it, so try not to cram pieces up against the wall or touching each other. You need to be able to let the flow of energy circulate effectively.

  1. Incorporate texture and tranquil colours

The most inviting and peaceful colours tend to be those on the warmer end of the colour spectrum. White can also work, as long as it’s not too clinical. You could soften it up with an off-white or tint of colour. Soft textures can be included through the addition of cushions, rugs and throws in luxurious fabrics that are super-soft to the touch.

  1. Family photos

Include some family photos of those you love most in the world. We instantly relax and feel better when we surround ourselves with images of things, we hold dear. There are many creative ways to display photos, so the only limit is your imagination.

  1. Create a cosy nook

Why not plan out a cosy corner for you to use as a reading nook? What could be better than snuggling up with your favourite book in a soft armchair of cushions and throws? The perfect chair for this is the Eames Lounge Chair. Find a range of Eames Lounge Chairs at Pash Classics. Create your nook near a window to benefit from the natural light.

  1. Choose zen or spa-type elements

Both zen and spa-like environments create calm by appealing to our senses. Bringing in natural elements to the interior design includes using as many natural materials as possible. Think wood, stone, water and of course, greenery.

  1. Pleasant vignettes

A vignette is a pleasing image created by grouping objects together in an arrangement. It creates a harmonious image made up of a small variety of different objects as opposed to a large collection of similar objects. Think about creating something like this in your living room that evokes in you a sense of peace and calm.