Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom

If you often have friends and family come to stay, or they would like to but you don’t really have the room for them, one solution to this is to convert your garage into a separate ‘guest annexe’ – if you are not getting much use out of it now, it isn’t as costly to convert a garage as it is to add an extension  and it is a great way to add value to your home.

Have a tidy out of your garage, add some new carpets and doors such as from this garage doors Bristol based company and you are well on the way to having a perfect area for your guests to stay.

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If you want to create a perfect guest room, here are a few ideas that you can incorporate into your new guest annexe that will help your guests to feel comfortable and at home….

Create two rooms in one – By adding a dividing wall you can have a separate sleeping area and living area, which is nice for your guests to enjoy their own space. Put a tv and sofa in the living area so they can wind down and watch tv.

If you are a bit short of space, you can create a bookcase that doubles up as a headboard. Fill it with a selection of books which your guests can enjoy as they settle down for the night.

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Add extra pillows and blankets – in a cupboard or blanket box (which could also serve as additional seating) provide spare blankets and pillows so your guests can get as comfy as possible!