Have you ever fancied trying a cruise for your next vacation, perhaps as a couple or as a family holiday? There are so many choices now to pick from, river cruises or more traditional sea voyages, you will find it difficult to pick.  Do you want to start your holiday from a local port or do you want to try the fly, sail option?  Do you want to go to several European Countries or go much further afield to far flung exotic destinations?  How long do you want to be away for, from just a few days to months or years at sea, the locations and the length of stay are entirely up to you?  Many cruise lines do themed vacations as well so you can choose from a Cricketing Legends themed tour, to different eras of Music, Strictly Come Dancing, learn to Cook specific foods, Golf, Wildlife, Film Festivals and Fitness and Well being to name just a few.  This type of cruise is guaranteed to bring together a lot of people with the same passions, so you know you are going to be socialising with fellow passengers with similar likes and dislikes.

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Specific times of the year like Christmas are also very popular and many families and friends go Cruising as big groups so they can celebrate in style together. There are several additional packages you can opt for when booking your cruise, food, drinks, excursions, water and lots more.  This way you pay in advance for everything, so there are no additional costs to your cruise once all your packages have been paid for.  When considering your drinks package of course there is always the alcoholic beverages option, this will normally include, spirits, draft and bottled beers, wine, by the glass and cocktails.  You also have the healthier option of a soft drinks package, this would include bottled water, alcohol free beers, juices, soft drinks and speciality coffees.

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If you do fancy a cruise but want to avoid all the alcohol then a non-alcoholic beverage package could be the answer, the cruise liner will have sourced their stock and Post Mix Equipment from a reputable source such as or other similar sites.

The idea of a cruise really does sound appealing and if you get the chance to try one then maybe give it a go.  Some people cruise for a year or more and you can choose to go all around the World if you have the time and finances to support that kind of a holiday of a life time.