When the thought of pizza makes your mouth water

Pizza is a food that seems to have the ability to make many people’s mouths water just at the mere thought of it. Now whether you are ordering one as a take away from a well-known pizza company or enjoying some more of an authentic environment by enjoying a pizza at https://www.forno500.ie/ which is an Italian Restaurant Dublin.

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Here are a few, possibly little-known facts about pizza:

  • There has always been some debate over whether the concept for pizza originated in Italy or in the United States of America, but culinary research has indicated that this delight was actually first introduced by the Greeks. Flat large breads were baked with topping of olive oil, vegetables, potatoes and spices. This is thought to be the earliest version of a pizza style dish.
  • Pizza started its life in Italy as a food for the poor. It was nowhere near the lavishly topped selections that we have now, but just a simple flat bread that was served plain during the 18th These were produced on a small-scale commercial basis.
  • One of the most popular pizza flavours in the Naples area of Italy is that of the Margherita. It was in 1889 that Queen Margherita travelled across the country and noticed the poorer people enjoying their flat bread. She was interested in this food stuff and asked to try some. She liked it very much and she called upon the services of Chef Rafaelle Esposito to make some pizza flavours especially for her. The chef selected ingredients that represented the colours on the Italian flag. He used Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil. The pizza was then aptly named after her and the popularity of Margherita Pizza started to sweep through the country.
  • It was after World War Two that pizza started to sweep through homes in America, Spain, France and England as many soldiers had experience their first taste of pizza during their time spent in Italy during the occupation of Italian cities. Pizza was actually available before the war in America when immigrants from Italy sold the food within the communities that they had settled in, but it was the American soldiers returning talking of their experiences in Italy and the tastes of the food which led to the popularity of pizza moving out of the smaller communities and into the mainstream of American food.

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So next time your tuck into your favourite pizza whether it is Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken or the regal Margherita you will have a few interesting facts to tell you friends about.