Five style mistakes that will age you

As we get older it is easy to forget to move with the times, especially when it comes to fashion and clothes. So if you want to stay looking your best and on-trend, don’t make those style mistakes. Just follow our five simple tips.

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1. Slogan T.shirts

Slogan T.shirts have always been popular, but as you get older you may need to reconsider them. What was once acceptable for a boys night out might look a bit tacky on an older person. Wear a T.shirt but go for the best you can afford and with good tailoring. Choose from a neutral colour range to suit your skin in tones such a granite grey or winter white. Why not look at the mens Calvin Klein range for more ideas.

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2. Old trainers

You know the ones. Those comfy trainers you slip on for a quick trip to the shops that have been in the bottom of your wardrobe forever. With beaten down soles and scruffy laces, they definitely need to be reconsidered. Buy some new trainers or loafers in neutral tones, and remember the no slogan rule.

3. Baggy shorts

As the temperature heats up find some shorts that are well constructed and a good length, such as cargo shorts or replica army shorts with pleats and pockets. Teamed with a good quality T.shirt is an ageless, comfortable look. The Worst Style Mistakes That Make Men Look Older – THE ONTARIO TIMES

4 Socks with sandals

This is an old piece of advice but still a good one. Don’t even try wearing socks with sandals. Nothing will age your outfit faster. They may be comfortable to wear together but overall it is not a good look.

5. Skinny jeans

As you get older it is good to reconsider the type, and style, of jeans you wear. Skinny jeans should be left behind as you embrace a more ‘grown-up’ style with a looser fit jean or a well fitted pair of cargo trousers. Teamed with a sweater from Calvin Klein menswear for example.

It is simple to make a few adjustments in your wardrobe. Just swapping out a few items can make a world of difference.