How To Generate Passive Income

How To Generate Passive Income

In one of those talks with friends, one of them expressed his dissatisfaction because his salary was not enough to cover all his needs during the month. Given this, another replied that it was time to seek a passive income to clean up their personal finances. He was baffled since he had not heard about it. If you have not done either, I’ll explain what it is and give you some advice.

Passive income is the economic income that does not involve an extremely high time expenditure to get it. That is, a job is not a passive income, since you must go to a company several hours a week to earn money, however, the rent of a house is.

To have a healthy personal finance, it is advisable to have more than one type of income, so that when one is missing, another can supply the needs that you have.How To Generate Passive Income

If you want to start generating extra income through passive income, know some examples, depending on the capital you have to invest:

Purchase of real estate: if you have enough money to buy a property, you can rent it and receive a monthly payment for the use of it.

  • Investments: You can also have investments in collective portfolios, stocks, CDs, among others, to receive profits, depending on the investment profile you have. Learn more about it, by clicking here.
  • Franchises: franchises are business models that have already proven their success and that you can buy under the same operating system.
  • Blogs: If you write constantly in a blog and you make it successful, you can have commercial allies that will help you make your page profitable.
  • Internet sales: There are several websites on the internet such as Amazon or Mercadolibre where you can sell several things and in which they themselves are responsible for all the logistics of the sale as it is the collection and shipping of the product.
  • YouTube channel: if you’re good at making videos, you can upload them to YouTube and become an ally of this page. When you have enough followers, you can receive earnings for each visit in your videos.


Something extremely important is that passive income is not money that falls from the sky. Although it is not a job as such, it is important to know that you should be very aware of every detail of your investment so that it is constant.

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For example, in an investment in real estate, you must verify that it is in good condition for tenants. If you want to generate income online you have to be constant or if you are going to make investments in stocks it is important that you study all the risks and probabilities of profit and loss.

As you can see, passive income does not involve a high time expenditure, but a lot of dedication and care so that you do not lack in the future. Go ahead and find one doing something that you like and for sure your personal finances will thank you.