5 ways to make your ecommerce site more usable

The rise in popularity of buying online has led to a growth in the number of e-commerce sites vying for business. To help you maximise sales, here are five ways to make your site more user-friendly.

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1. Allow customers to checkout as guests

Retaining customer contact information is an important marketing tool, but consider offering the option to check out without registering. You can always encourage the customer to enter their details at the end of the buying process.

2. Install a fully-functional shopping cart

You need a reliable shopping cart that is easy to use and keeps customer data secure. According to figures from Financial Fraud Action UK, now part of UK Finance, nearly £309m worth of e-commerce fraud was carried out during 2016. Customers are now increasingly aware of their online security, so give them peace of mind with a legitimate shopping cart.

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3. Make navigation easy

No one wants to spend time searching through every webpage to find what they are looking for. Adding a simple search box can help customers to easily locate their items; after all, if they can’t find something on your site, they will probably look elsewhere!

4. Put in place clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons

Encourage higher conversion rates by adding clear CTA buttons and simple sign-up forms. Customers are continually bombarded with online ads and requests for their email address, which is why it is a good idea to hire the services of a UK-based web designer such as https://ambercouch.co.uk/ that understands the requirements of e-commerce and can help you to stand out for all the right reasons.

5. Guide customers through the buying process

Providing customers with information at each stage of the buying process and allowing them to return to a previous stage can really boost their experience. Whatever segment of the UK customer base you want to target, a professional London, Manchester, Belfast or Cardiff website designer can help you to build a site that is easy to use and maximises conversions.

Now you have an idea of what makes an e-commerce website user-friendly, why not take another look at your site? Ask yourself whether you have made the buying process as easy and appealing as possible; if not, why not test out these tips and see whether you can give your conversion rate a boost?