Three Chandelier Cleaning Tips

The task of cleaning a chandelier might seem daunting at first, but it is nonetheless important because it will maintain the looks and prolong the life of your piece. Don’t underestimate the time and skills required to do a proper job, especially if you have an intricate design or it hangs very high.

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A crystal chandelier is also a fragile piece that is prone to damage, so if you have any doubt, consider getting the chandelier cleaned professionally. If you decide to proceed yourself, follow our tips to make the job easier.

Proper Preparation

Before you even start with the chandelier, make sure your work space is ready. Clear plenty of space around your ladder and move anything that might pose an injury risk. It might be worth covering furniture, especially if you are expecting a lot of dust. Depending on the size of your chandelier, a handy trick to catch dust can be to hang a large golf umbrella upside down to catch the dust as it falls. This might save a lot of additional work cleaning other furniture!

Start Light

Your first step should be a light dusting to get rid of loose or bigger debris. That will clear the way for the second stage of wet cleaning, if necessary. A feather duster is perfect for the light dust stage. Be gentle, and clean bulbs, crystals and the fitting. If you prefer and can find a flex to reach, a hairdryer on a low speed and cool setting is another option. Be careful not to scratch the crystals, which is more likely with paper towels or harsher dusters.

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Liquid Cleaning

If your chandelier has gone beyond the “light dusting” stage, you might need a liquid cleaning. Use a specialist glass cleaner and a soft cloth to gently rub down every surface. There is no need to remove the crystals.

If you’re keen to go ahead and clean your chandelier yourself, read more advice from How To Clean Stuff. If one chandelier isn’t enough and you are considering more or you’re ready for a new design, be sure to seek out specialist retailers of chandeliers in the UK, such as Rocco Borghese at

A chandelier can add a real statement of elegance to your room, so be sure to keep it at its best.