7 Floral Prints Ideal For Your Home

7 Floral Prints Ideal For Your Home

The floral prints are back in fashion, if they ever left because they are one of those elements that always bring color and diversity to our home. We are going to discover them.

The floral prints are again full trend. If you go through a fashion store you will surely see them in many and colorful versions, from the small liberty prints to the floral prints that imitate the cross stitch or the Japanese style prints, surely you will find one that will conquer you. Today we review 7 floral patterns with which to decorate your home, so you can choose which of them you want to fill your home with or maybe mix them to create a unique composition, you choose!

1. Watercolor flower prints

Watercolor is a technique of painting in which colors are diluted by water so that shapes and colors are blurred. The result is printed full of beauty and with a special charm that can be seen at a glance. We feel transported to a dreamlike world full of beauty as if it were a dream.7 Floral Prints Ideal For Your Home

The technique of watercolor is a trend to decorate walls in our home either as simple spots or with flowers as in these images. We can also find wallpapers with floral prints that simulate this technique and fill our walls with an almost magical charm. You will feel like living a dream.

But flower prints are not just for our walls, we can also find this kind of designs for all types of home clothes, from our bed to curtains or cushions that will fill any corner of our home with color and joy. Its color makes it irresistible, at least for me, and what do you think, do you aim to decorate with watercolor floral prints?

2. Japanese style floral prints

Many of these Japanese flower prints are inspired by the designs of traditional kimonos and the traditional flora of Japan. In fact, some flowers are especially revered by the Japanese, as in the case of Sakura (cherry blossom) or poppies that are repeated a lot in their designs. The bold combinations of colors characterize some of these prints, which still always maintain an aesthetic harmony.7 Floral Prints Ideal For Your Home

This type of floral print can be found from ceramic fabrics for cushions, sofas or traditional furoshiki, stamped square fabrics that are used to transport all kinds of objects, from gifts to bottles. A traditional way of wrapping gifts or transporting objects that have been declining but is back in fashion.

We can also find wallpapers with beautiful Japanese floral prints that will fill our walls with mystery and charm. Perhaps one of the most repeated reasons is cherry blossoms, an expression of Japan’s sensitivity and its attachment to nature. From cherry branches to full flowering trees, it is one of my favorite floral prints.

3. Liberty or small flowers

We call liberty to small floral prints that offer an incredible variety of prints through a very wide palette of colors. Its origins go back to the year 1939, when Arthur Liberty, a British merchant, set up a textile company called Liberty & Co that makes his small flower fabrics famous. Its department stores are still one of the most famous establishments in London and a must if you want to know about the origin of these fabrics.7 Floral Prints Ideal For Your Home

The shabby chic has made this type of print indispensable but we can find it in all kinds of environments since it has a very feminine and sweet touch that combines with almost any style. We can find from bedding to wallpaper with this finish in a variety of colors and designs. The cushions are also an ideal way to introduce it at home in small doses and give a special charm to our sofa or armchair.

It is also a great type of pattern to decorate your table with tablecloths, napkins or small ornaments. If you are thinking of setting up a country style party, it will be one of the must-haves that you cannot give up either in the form of pennants or on the table runners. A type of pattern that evokes the countryside in spring and that, due to its enormous color, blends perfectly in any environment. Do not overlook it!

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4. Tropical style

For some time we have talked about this style as fully fashionable for our home. Exuberance, color, and freshness come together to give place to very happy and paradisiacal spaces. It is characterized by colorful prints that dominate the large tropical flowers that come to decorate our home accompanied by exotic birds, pineapples, and large leaves. From cushions to bedding through curtains, designs full of vitality that will make you travel to distant places without moving from the sofa.7 Floral Prints Ideal For Your Home

Our walls also surrender to this type of exotic prints and full of life with large flowers that transport us to the Amazonian or African jungle as small and green earthly paradises in which to get lost. We found many wallpapers full of pelicans, flamingos, birds of exuberant fur … that come ready to conquer our walls. The mixture of green and black is also one of the most common and has a lot of strength.

If a wall seems too much let yourself be seduced by them in cushions and home clothes. Surely you find a little corner where they will give life and color. The tropical style bedding will turn our room into a little paradise of color. And if you dare you can also choose to stamp with these cheerful designs some armchair or sofa, you will love the result. Or you can be the perfect theme for a summer dinner full of color and charm, do you dare?

5. Flowers with cross stitch

The cross stitch or cross stitch has returned some time ago to decorate homes and all kinds of garments. The revaluation of handicrafts, after the boom of the industry and the production in series of exactly the same objects, bets on the unique and personal objects and the day as a way to personalize our home. In this context, the cross-stitch has recovered its value and its place in the world. If you are little hands, you know this is your chance to create unique and personal pieces with floral prints.7 Floral Prints Ideal For Your Home

But if the cross stitch is not your thing and you want to incorporate them into your home without having to invest hours of work, you can find all kinds of elements for a home that imitate the cross stitch or are made with this technique. From wallpapers to traditional carpets decorated with large flowers, table runners or checkered tablecloths. You have a wide range to choose and incorporate the floral print to your home with this traditional technique.

6. Flowers XXL

We have been seeing them for some time now but it seems that we do not get tired of them, or at least I do not get tired. We already talked about vinyl with XXL flowers to decorate our home some time ago and if you look at any vinyl website you will see that they are still one of the most used resources, for something it should be.7 Floral Prints Ideal For Your Home

You can also choose them to decorate your bed and create a dreamlike and perfect dream environment to rest after a long day. Or to give a different air to a wall using a fabric with a floral pattern XXL or if you prefer to risk less a good choice can be the crockery. Surely your guests love a colorful and full of life tableware. Or as always we have the recourse of the cushions. Which one do you prefer?

7. Botanical lesson

We talked about the explorer or botanist style some time ago. As if an English naturalist of the 18th century will treat our home will be filled with all kinds of animals, plants, and fossils collected during your expeditions around the world in search of knowledge. If there is an element that characterizes this style and that cannot be missing is the naturalist plates. Inspired by those created by botanists and naturalists who tried to capture their discoveries at a time when new areas of the planet are being explored and new species of birds and plants are discovered.7 Floral Prints Ideal For Your Home

The illustrations will fill the walls of our home with flowers and plants, but we can also find these types of designs on wallpapers that will transport us to a world of discoveries and color. You will feel surrounded by nature!

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And here the 7 floral prints that we propose to include in the decoration of your home this summer, Floral prints are a good way to add color and freshness to our home. Enjoy also a piece of outdoor at home and feel transported to a dream world. And what floral style do you like the most? Or are you one of those who prefers to mix different types for a more original result? I await your comments and ideas. Happy week.