When to call in a Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company

We have all been there, sat down with a number of your friends for a pre-Christmas gathering when a glass of mulled wine gets spilt over your beautiful cream carpet. Most of us start to panic and immediately start grabbing for any of the cleaning products that we have stashed away underneath our kitchen sinks. This is the worst thing you can do. There are times when it is better for you to call a Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company like http://gnccontractservices.com/

Here are some of the worst offenders for staining your carpet.

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Red Wine and Beer: These two alcoholic drinks are amongst some of the worst things to spill on your carpet for differing reasons. Wine much like red grape juice is vivid in colour and it is the tannins and other properties in the wine that create this colour that are your carpets biggest enemy. The liquid penetrates the carpet and the osmosis effect means that the colour starts to seep into the fibres. Beer is virtually colourless and leave too much of a stain behind and is very easily mopped up. But what does linger when beer is spilt on a carpet is the smell. Even after washing your carpet by hand you can find that the smell is still around. This is why leaving these stains to the professionals is a good idea.

Bleach: We all know the powers of bleach and how even a small drop on your pair of jeans will leave a circular white mark behind. Bleach is the one item that cannot be cleaned up and the damage reversed even by the professionals. What they can do though on some occasions is re-stain that portion of your carpet back to its original or adequately similar colour. The best piece of advice for bleach is keep it well away from you carpet.

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Nail Varnish: Whilst it may make your nails look pretty nail varnish is no fashion friend to your carpet. There are many homemade remedies that frequent the internet on how best to remove nail varnish from your carpet which must indicate how likely an occurrence this is. However, any good carpet cleaning company will tell you that one of the only tried and tested methods to remove nail varnish, that won’t further spread the spillage or cause further damage to your carpet is the application of steam to the area and your bog-standard carpet cleaner just isn’t going to cut it.