Top 10 Bible Places to Travel

The 10 best places to travel Bible is our proposal for this Easter. Catholic traditions reach their peak at this time. Are you accompanying us on this journey of epic dimensions?

What are the best places to travel for Easter?

With the Easter Week, there are prepared a multitude of activities that will be followed by believers and non-believers. If you want to live a different experience without neglecting the religious aspect, today we suggest you make your bag and you Plantes in any of the biblical places that described below.

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Mount Ararat. A volcano that is very close to the border with Armenia and Iran stands as the highest peak in Turkish lands. Here we can move to a well-known Old Testament moment, Noah’s Ark. According to the scriptures, it is in this precise place where the ship rested after the Universal Flood. Although there is still no reliable evidence, different signs have been found that could confirm this fact. Its volcanic activity has not been shown since 1840 when a strong earthquake occurred.

Top 10 Bible Places to Travel

Mount Sinai. Located to the north of the Sinai peninsula, this elevation witnessed the creation of the 10 commandments of Moses. The height of the mountain also known as Horeb is of 2.285 meters, not becoming the highest of the territory.

Top 10 Bible Places to Travel1

Sodoma and Gomorra. These cities, according to Genesis, were situated on a plain on the shores of the Dead Sea. It is written that both were destroyed by God because of the bad habits of its inhabitants with sulfur and fire. It seems that more than 4,000,000 years ago an earthquake caused the area to sink. Archaeological remains can be seen in Jumeirah, Jordan.

Top 10 Bible Places to Travel2

Bethany, Jordan River. Here we have the place where John baptized Jesus Christ. Due to the increasing desire of the visitors to perform the baptismal act in the place, an area was created next to the river where to do it.

Top 10 Bible Places to Travel3

Mount Nebo. From the top Moses glimpsed the promised land before he died. In the S. IV was built a church that had its extension in Byzantine time, something that has been conserved during the last centuries.

Top 10 Bible Places to Travel

Babel. We will all remember the story of Genesis in which, at a time when all the inhabitants of the earth spoke the same language, this Mesopotamian city wanted to build a tower that would reach the sky with the goal of having more power than God. As punishment, the Almighty made each one speak a language and could not understand each other. Well, the site of this construction that has not survived

Top 10 Bible Places to Travel6

The Dead Sea. It is another of the biblical places you can visit. Located between Israel and Jordan, this flow is characterized by its high salinity, something that makes any human being that is submerged floats without problems and almost by obligation. According to the Bible, on their banks were the cities of Gomorrah, Sodom, Zeboim, Seger, and Adma.

Top 10 Bible Places to Travel4

Mount of Temptation. It is located in the present Quarantania mount, near the city of Jericó in the West Bank. In this place, Jesus was tempted by the devil. At its top is Orthodox Greek temple.

Top 10 Bible Places to Travel9

Nazareth. Known worldwide, this Israeli city witnessed part of the life of Jesus. For this reason, it is a site very visited by tourists moved by the religious feeling. However, there are also deposits from different eras such as the Paleolithic or Iron Age worth contemplating.

Top 10 Bible Places to Travel5

Mukawir. It is a fortress that was rebuilt by Herod I the Great and who, when passing through the hands of his son of the same name, took a major role in the incarceration and subsequent beheading of John the Baptist and the different periods of Jesus Christ, culminating in his crucifixion.

Top 10 Bible Places to Travel10