Good Causes to Volunteer For

Ever felt like giving something back to society? Volunteering for worthy causes is a great way to meet new people, put something amazing on your CV and learn new skills. If you have a little time to spare, then get that warm, fuzzy feeling by offering your help to one of these noble causes:

  1. Animal Shelters

All animal lovers out there will know how much need there is for help and donations to centres who care for rescued animals of all kinds. There are a variety of ways you could help, from answering the phone, doing some admin or helping to clean. Combined with offering pet-sitting or dog-walking services to new pet owners who visit, you could turn a volunteering opportunity into a regular part-time income as well.

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  1. Homeless Shelters

Soup kitchens and other services operate in all major cities, so why not spend some time raising funds or handing out hot meals for your local homeless charity. If you enjoy cooking, meeting new people and caring for vulnerable members of society, then this could be a wonderful opportunity to make a real difference.

  1. Clinical Trials

Do you want to help mankind’s advancement in medical technology and healthcare? If so, participating in a clinical trial might be right up your street. Often trials are looking for healthy adults to give up a couple of weeks of their time to attend a clinic and receive some kind of safe treatment. Participants are very well looked after, and most trials offer financial compensation for being involved. Find out more about Adaptive Phase 1 Clinical Studies, at RichmondPharmacology

  1. Libraries

Many of our local libraries are struggling to make ends meet across the UK. For book lovers everywhere, this is an opportunity to gain great new skills and surround yourself with the thing you love most. You might be asked to organise shelves, help the general public with enquiries and even helping to set up local events or book signings.

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  1. Political Campaigns

If you feel strongly about certain issues, then why not volunteer for a local candidate. Campaigns need volunteers to answer phones, make house-to-house calls, hand out fliers or do some fundraising. If you want to make a difference then burn some shoe leather in your local area, raising awareness for issues you care deeply about.

  1. Local Museums

Many museums rely heavily on the good nature of volunteers to keep going. If you’re a culture vulture and have great knowledge of your local area and history, then you’d be an asset to such an organisation. Whether helping out in the office or running guided tours, setting up events or simply being on hand to answer visitor’s questions, volunteering in a museum offers fantastic experience for your CV and personal development.