How does the Tardis work and why is it a Blue Phone Box?

If you needed to move people around, then surely the Tardis from Doctor Who would be the best bet by far. As we don’t have a Gallifreian Time machine at our disposal and you need some employees relocated then an Employee Relocation Company such as this one will easily do in the meantime. If you did though how does the Tardis do what it does? And why is it a phone box form the 1960’s still today.

It’s not really possible to say how the Tardis works as it’s made up and basically defies all the laws of physics as we understand them. A cracking example of that is when a viewed asked the writers of Star Trek how the Heisenberg compensator works (it basically stops the crew from being turned into the “chunky salsa” due to the super speeds the Enterprise goes at) and they replied, “very well, thank you!” There is some basis in science though as we shall see.

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The clue is in its name. Time and Relative Dimensions in Space. The key word here is dimensions. First of all, how is the Tardis bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. When you enter the Tardis you enter a space that is outside of the realm that you know. The Tardis exists in the present and it also exists in a dimension that is not in the real world but in another. So to put it another way you leave one dimension and enter another. The Tardis somehow exists in both, it transcends both. You’d have to ask the Timelords how that works and as we know there are only 2 left and one of them is not chatty, considering human’s scum, and the other is just not saying for the devilment of it.

What about the time travel part. Ok this is a little bit easier to back up scientifically in theory, thought we still have no idea on who to do it. Let’s not forget that we don’t have an Omega to utilise the power of Black hole or a Rassilion to carry it on. What is proposed is that the Tardis is in bubble of space and time, a moment if you will along a loop of time. Now if those loops get linked together then the Tardis can pretty much ride those time loop waves to wherever and whenever you wish to go. If you fancy reading about it then go to Traversable Achronal Retrograde Domains in Spacetime. Good luck with that.

Ok so we know how it moves etc but why is it a phone box. The Doctor stole the Tardis and used it to travel to Earth to hide out. All Tardis (or Tardi I suppose) were supposed to blend into their surroundings with a Chameleon circuit. The Tardis is one broken. When the show started in 1963 a phone box was the perfect disguise.