Quit Smoking Is Not So Hard If You Know What’s In The Cigarette

Quit Smoking Is Not So Hard If You Know What's In The Cigarette

To make it easier to quit smoking, you need to understand what is in the cigarette, how these substances affect our body. Tobacco companies deceive us by giving us information on the content of harmful substances in cigarettes. If you understand how the amount of nicotine and tar affects our body, it will be easier to quit smoking.

What Do Tobacco Companies Need?

Cigarette manufacturers have a very good business. Their customers make purchases every day, not really caring about their expenses. If the cost of cigarettes rises, only a small number of consumers quit smoking, the rest simply “tighten their belts more tightly” and continue to buy tobacco.Quit Smoking Is Not So Hard If You Know What's In The Cigarette

Therefore, manufacturers of tobacco products have several major tasks, deciding which one can make huge profits.

  • Making a person start smoking
  • Make it so that he buys at least one pack a day
  • It was very difficult to think of such a cigarette to quit smoking
  • To deceive state authorities by creating the illusion of fighting smoking

To find a solution to these problems, large corporations spend billions of dollars to pay for the work of scientific research institutes and individual scientists, a huge number of marketers of the highest qualification, the army of corrupt officials, even public organizations that are called upon to fight with smoking.

The Main Secret Of A Pack Of Cigarettes

Tabachnick, with the help of scientists, has established the maximum possible amount of nicotine a person can take a day. They deduced these figures for each age group, different sexes, a different physical condition of the organism. I already wrote about why you want to smoke, now I will notice that the more nicotine you enter into the body, the greater the desire to repeat its introduction, that is, to smoke one more cigarette.

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How The State Helped Tobacco Companies

When most countries passed laws obliging tobacco companies to write on packets the contents of harmful substances in cigarettes, the leaders of these same companies opened bottles of champagne. Now it’s easier for them to work.Quit Smoking Is Not So Hard If You Know What's In The Cigarette

First of all, those who wanted to quit smoking had an alternative, in the form of switching to lighter cigarettes. The rest of the smokers were able to calm themselves – they do not smoke the heaviest tobacco products. Think, are the numbers printed on a cigarette pack, at least somehow help you in refusing nicotine? Does a simple person understand something about the destructive effect of nicotine on the body; can he determine at what does he can live longer? Of course not! Reading the literature on “how to quit smoking tips, “you will find that the amount of nicotine or tar practically does not directly depend on the harm to health.


In fact, the composition of different cigarettes is almost the same. No matter how much nicotine is in the smoke of one cigarette, it is important how much nicotine gets into the blood and reach the appropriate brain centers. Manufacturers with the help of various chemicals, for example, ammonia, regulate the amount of nicotine that the body absorbs. Look, I’ll put everything in order:

  • Let’s say that there are 10 units of nicotine in a pack of cigarettes “Strong” and only 5 in a pack of cigarettes “Lungs”
  • The same cigarettes contain other chemicals, which are not written on the packs, their number is also different.
  • When you smoke “Strong”, only 3 units get into your brain, because the body does everything so that nicotine does not get into the brain and quickly gets out of it, because nicotine is a poison.
  • When you smoke “Light”, then inhale “secret ingredients” that interfere with the body to remove nicotine and improve its assimilation. Your brain receives the same 3 nicotine units.

So what’s the difference

And the difference in marketing. If you switch to lighter cigarettes, you do not change the amount of nicotine that gets into your brain, you will only think that you have changed it. Tobacco companies simply create the illusion of choice. And they get the opportunity to justify the different cost of cigarettes.

A Tip For Those Who Want To Quit SmokingQuit Smoking Is Not So Hard If You Know What's In The Cigarette

Do not pay any attention to what is written on the packet with cigarettes. According to the legislation of many countries, tobacco products belong to food products. Only on all products is written the complete composition, in which both harmful and useful substances are indicated. And on cigarettes indicated the number of only two or three ingredients of several hundred. The composition of cigarettes is the most important secret of the richest tobacco companies; they guard it against us as soon as they can. But we can safely say that the amount of nicotine, the most important ingredient that makes us smoke, is the same in all cigarettes.

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If there are some differences, it is only because of the peculiarity of the smoker’s body. For example, in those cigarettes, which are positioned by the manufacturer as “youth”, the amount of nicotine is calculated for the children’s body.