Match the right shirt to the occassion

How to choose the right men’s shirt depends more on the wearer than on any other consideration. Whether you want to look good, be comfortable, dress well or do all of the above, the choice of clothing will always be a personal one. As men, we have many choices when it comes to dressing. We can go for a suit, a business casual shirt or go for a tuxedo. While these are all appropriate choices in some situations, they should all be given equal importance so that what you wear says something about you and reflects your personality. For Mens Farah Oxford Shirts, visit a site like EJ Menswear, suppliers of Mens Farah Oxford Shirts

When choosing a men’s shirt, the foremost thing that you will need to consider is comfort. You need to know what fabric you are going to wear, if there is to be any stitching, how it will fit you and whether the neckline will dig into your neck or not. You also need to think about colour. A white shirt or a blue shirt can be worn for a wedding, for a cocktail party or even for a barbecue, for example.

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Dress shirts are a bit more formal than your everyday shirts and would usually be worn by the businessman or for a formal occasion. If this applies to you, you will need to invest in a really good quality shirt. How to choose the right one depends more on the style you want and on your body type. You should try out different shirts until you find one that fits you perfectly.