How to Choose the Right Width for Floorboards

When choosing the right floorboards for your home, there’s a lot to consider. Your budget, personal preference and the space where you’re installing the floorboards will all have an impact on the size of board you consider. Let’s look at these elements below.

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Your Style

Are you a traditionalist or is modern décor something you strive for? There has been a recent trend for a wider board width of 4-7 inches, which gives a contemporary look. But the type of board you choose affects their overall appearance. Hickory, for example, has an unusual multi-coloured grain which is much more visible than the uniform grain of white oak or maple. Wider boards emphasise the natural grain, so by choosing hickory you’ll be making a statement; maple’s effects will be subtle.


Of course, with larger boards comes a higher price. They are milled from larger logs, which are more expensive to transport and process. They are also vulnerable to humidity, so for larger sizes such as seven-inch boards we recommend using engineered hardwood flooring, which can adapt to moisture presence.

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Your Space

Space can be implied by using larger boards, such as those found at the Ireland flooring company Larger boards have fewer visible joints, elongating a room.

Narrow boards can be used in a herringbone pattern, which is perfect for a classic interior, adapting to the changing décor of your home. The herringbone pattern can also mimic the illusion of a larger space if your room is narrow.