How to make the home environment safer for those with dementia

The environment in which a dementia sufferer lives will have a significant their well-being. Dementia symptoms such as losing their memory, confusion and trouble absorbing new information means that a person with dementia may forget their location, where things are kept and how to operate things.

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While it is unwise to carry out big changes to the house quickly, there are some small and easy things you can do to assist a person with dementia to remain living independently at home, perhaps supported by Live in Care Bridgwater at a site like

Needs assessment

If the person with dementia has not done so, it is important to get an assessment of needs from the local council. If it seems you need changes in the home, like bathroom grab rails, you might receive a further referral for a separate assessment of the property.

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Improved lighting

Most people with dementia, and older people in general, will benefit from better lighting in their homes – it can help avoid confusion and reduce the risk of falls.

Aim to lower the chance of shadows, glare and reflections that can confuse.

It’s important that lighting is well-distributed and as natural as possible. Enhance natural light by:

Keeping the curtains open during the day

no unnecessary nets and curtains

hedges and trees cut back if they shade the windows and block sunlight

The lighting is very important in the stairwell and on the toilet. Lights should be easily accessible and easy to use.

Automatic light sensors can be a good addition as they illuminate whenever a person moves near the sensor’s location.