How to Make Your Own Curtains

Are your curtains looking tired? By creating your own curtains, you can choose the right weight, style and colour to suit your home.

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Making curtains for your home can be a fun project as well as save you money. Here are some mistakes to avoid and some helpful tips to ensure creating your own curtains is enjoyable and as stress-free as possible.

Measure Your Windows Carefully

Many of us are inspired to make our own clothes and decorative items as old-school skills such as dressmaking and home sewing make a comeback.

To ensure you purchase the correct amount of fabric, make sure you measure your windows carefully and precisely. Firstly, measure the space between the ground and the curtain rod, adding 30cm extra for the hem and header.

To measure for width, multiply the width of your window by three for the right quantity of fabric.

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Choose High-Quality Fabric

Good-quality materials are easier to work with, saving you time in the process of making your own curtains. Slippery fabric can be difficult to work with, as it will need to be hand-tacked before using a sewing machine. This is to ensure that the fabric does not pucker and the seams are straight.

Alternatively, you can take the easy option and purchase your window coverings, such as bathroom roller blinds from

Choose Non-Patterned Fabric

Opt for close-weave fabrics as they do not need to be lined, which will save you valuable time. Also, avoid highly patterned fabrics which will need to match across the curtain; it will take lots of time making sure they line up just right.

Choose Machine-Washable Fabric

When purchasing your fabric for your curtains, ensure it is machine-washable. Using a fabric that is dry-clean only will be more expensive and difficult to launder. Make sure you also have a matching thread for your fabric.

Pre-Wash Your Fabric Before Cutting

Make sure you wash the fabric you have purchased to make your curtains prior to cutting. This is an important step, as it safeguards your curtains against any shrinkage when washing them in future.

Pre-washing also stabilises the fabric, keeping the threads taut and secure. Before hanging your freshly made curtains, be sure to iron them to make them look at their best.