How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

People are always worried, and especially in the modern world, which is characterized by the constant rush, mass consumption, and information overload. This book helps a person to not only survive but thrive in difficult times, to maintain a positive setting, regardless of the situation and get rid of the constant unrest.

Here are a few tips about how to stop worrying and start enjoying life right now!

1) Play around with the game itself, “that’s the worst that could happen?”: Imagine the worst possible scenario. It takes uncommon courage to face to face with the worst possible way! But since this is only in your imagination, you’re safe … Imagine the worst-case scenario to be able to prepare for its implementation, or try to prevent it.

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

The second step is to introduce something for which you would be grateful even undesirable situation. This exercise teaches you thanks to not only be prepared for the worst but to see it positive! This helps you objectively evaluate what is the “worst.” This option is not as bad as you think! And most importantly, if you can imagine the worst thing you can imagine better!

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The mental screen helps you to do the work of your imagination constructively. With it, you can use the amazing ability of consciousness to take decisions to achieve their goals! Instead of thinking in terms of the worst that can happen, you start thinking in terms of the best thing that can happen.

Why is it important? What you did not focus, you attract it into your life. When you focus on something, do you motivate yourself to take action aimed at the implementation of something? And the more these actions you make, the more likely it becomes inevitable and the situation. This includes focusing on the worst, and to focus on the best! What would you choose: the result, based on the visualization of a worst-case scenario, or the result, based on the visualization of a better option?

2) Get rid of the habit of worry (yes, it’s a habit!): If you have not developed the ability to control your consciousness and subconscious thoughts, excitement can eat you alive. So learn to control your thoughts through exercise Silva to get rid of self-control and problem-oriented thoughts, replacing them with thoughts, result-oriented. Get rid of thoughts that upset you, and choose the thoughts focused on the positive result. Which option do you prefer? Which option motivates you to constructive actions?

3) Be in the “here and now”: Are you worried about what might happen in the future, or what happened in the past. But the truth is that you are creating the future now! Therefore, if you want to stop worrying, your mind should be focused on what is happening now. Concentrate and think, feel, act and speak well … from the perspective of the present. Such thoughts, feelings, words and actions to improve your future!

4) Help others: There are countless people who are much, much worse than you. Help them as soon as you can. This will help you take an objective look at their own problems, develop a sense of gratitude, and you will not have time to think about your problems when you help other people.

5) Talk positively with each other: How many times a day do you berate yourself for a mistake made? How many times a day you can say “I” with something negative?  Action gives you confidence and control

6) Proceed: Think rationally, analyze the situation, weigh all the options and choose the best course of action, not based on reflexes or emotions, but in quiet implementing steps necessary to improve the situation, on what you want – in the best of scenarios, which you visualize. The action supports your activity, helps to focus the mind is not on anxiety and causes a pleasant feeling, because you feel better control of the situation at least due to the fact that doing something for yourself.