Errors in Bathroom Decoration

There are rooms especially complicated to decorate, or at least is what most people say, and among them is the bathroom. Perhaps because it is thought that it has to be “horse and king” and that there are few modifications or alterations that we can carry out in it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Like any other room in the house, the bathroom can be decorated in many ways and styles, you just have to take into account the same referents as in the rest of the house to do it right, among the most important the amount of light you have And space. But there are also other elements to take into consideration given its specific functionality. That is why we are going to see the mistakes that are most often made so as not to fall into them.

Do not use too dark tones

Yes, it is true they are trend in recent years, even black has pushed hard because it brings an air of elegance and sophistication; Lately we have seen success in tiles and bathroom furniture .

But these tonalities, in addition to “eating” space and light, reasons why they are no longer indicated if the bathroom has only light or is a few meters, nor do they promote the feeling of cleanliness, a characteristic that can not be renounced in this room.Errors in bathroom decoration

If in spite of everything we have told you, you still think of decorating your bathroom in black, reserve it better for the furniture and try to choose it with wood finishes better than lacquered because they are less aggressive, especially if you see the streaks of wood .

 Do not put the toilet behind the door

 Who has not seen a bathroom in which this toilet is placed this way? It is one of the most common mistakes and also the worst ones. Yes it is true that placed in this situation is hidden and not seen at first sight but, it is tremendously uncomfortable: the door may not open at all, when using it we can bump into it …

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The most accurate is to place sanitary is as far away as possible from the door without regard to whether or not to see it when entering, let’s face it, is not it normal to find us a toilet when entering a bathroom? And what else do we expect to see?

Do not save storage space

This is another typical error. As the bathrooms are usually habitacles of few square meters, we tend to reduce the furniture dedicated to save and organize the elements of use in it. The most common consequence is that all these are usually scattered throughout the room creating a sense of disorder that does not favor comfort at all.

Errors in bathroom decoration1

No matter how small the bathroom, we are sure that you can find a place to locate pieces that will help you keep that order. Look for mochets, pillars or reusings on the wall to accommodate shelves  or furniture column.

If you do not find them strictly in the bathroom, broaden your search and match other “more own” pieces of other rooms; They can also play an important role. For example, a puff with the hollow interior will be very useful for dressing / undressing and for storing dirty clothes … You have wood that integrate perfectly in these rooms.

And do not forget to take advantage of the space under the sink to install a piece of furniture with a large storage capacity where you can store and have on hand and ordered the small tools of greater use as brushes, cologne cans … These are elements that are usually on the countertop, And creating a sense of disorder, filth and uneasiness.

 Beware of laminate floors and carpets

Errors in bathroom decoration2

Both are very aesthetic but impractical in this stay. The former end up being damaged due to water and the latter can be dangerous. If you like you can incorporate them whenever you follow these premises: laminates that are water repellent, are more expensive but in the long run compensate because they are prepared to resist direct contact with water. Carpets never place them around the toilet; It is customary to stumble over them as they pass; Put them only when leaving the shower and always models specific for this use, of small size, with plastic base that prevent them from draining and easy to wash.