Most Desirable Movie Wardrobes of All Time

We all love movies for many reasons. Whether it’s the amazing effects, the escapism of a fantastic story or a desire to be like a certain stylish character. There are some extremely well-dressed movie characters that leave us dreaming we could be their BFF and raid their wardrobe! Here are some of the most desirable wardrobes to lust after from the silver screen:

Andy Sachs – ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

We see such an exciting transformation with Andy, from frumpy grad to top fashion assistant. Her closet is to die for, replacing her old boring slacks for Chanel jewellery, tailored suits, blazers and designer footwear. There is no working woman alive who would not want that wardrobe! Treat yourself and your outfits to contemporary and space-saving Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes from

Camille Javal – ‘Contempt’

Brigitte Bardot would have looked good in a bin bag, but her clothes in this film were sensational. The costume designer was Tanine Autre, who did an amazing job of combining raw sex appeal with supreme style. There are some truly iconic outfits in this movie, that any discerning woman would love to have hanging in her wardrobe.

Deena Jones – ‘Dreamgirls’

This movie was nominated for an Oscar for best costume design and it’s no surprise. The glamour of the Motown-inspired outfits is simply jaw-dropping with Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce wearing them effortlessly. The costumes are the stuff of dreams indeed.

Olivia Newton-John – Grease
While she looked super-cute as the 1950s preppy college student, it was her outfit at the end of the film that got temperatures soaring! The infamous carnival outfit featuring tight, black leather trousers, red heels and a biker jacket made us all want to be hot biker chicks. Every wardrobe should contain a leather jacket and a super-hot pair of stilettos for the ultimate good girl gone bad look.

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Kate Winslet -Titanic

Who wouldn’t want Kate’s character’s effortlessly elegant wardrobe that switched so easily between daytime style and evening beauty? Pinstripes for the day and chiffon and sequins for the evening – offering the perfect mix of sophistication and class. Even when floating in the Atlantic in little more than a silk gown.

Holly Golightly – ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

Is there any greater example of pure chic than Audrey Hepburn’s LBD in this movie? The dress, the statement jewellery, the big, floppy hat – this is one of the most iconic movie wardrobes of all time and saw the birth of the universal and timeless Little Black Dress.

Julia Roberts – Pretty Woman

What started as a pretty risqué wardrobe turned into a stunning one, after a much-needed makeover and some investment from a handsome Richard Gere. There are some iconic dresses in this movie, such as the off-shoulder red number, the black lace dinner dress and the polka dot outfit worn to the races.

The whole cast of ‘Sex and the City: The Movie’

There’s a style to suit everyone in this movie, from Charlotte’s perfectly smart outfits to Samantha’s hot power suits. It is impossible to watch this movie without coveting at least one, if not every garment on screen at any point.