Six things Londoners look for when moving home

When it comes to moving home, there can be numerous reasons behind the decision. It may be that a relocation is needed for work, the family may have outgrown the existing property, or perhaps there is a need to move nearer to family.

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When it comes to Londoners who have decided to move, what are the key things they look for?

Green spaces

Interestingly, the top ‘must have’ for Londoners is having a nearby green space. Luckily, London has many. There are the royal parks as well as Hampstead Heath and numerous large commons (including the home of the Wombles – Wimbledon). Additionally, there are plenty of smaller parks scattered around the capital. It is unlikely that you will be more than a mile from a reasonably-sized green space no matter where you are in London.

The second thing that Londoners look for is local culture. This can take a number of forms. It could be nightlife, cafes, restaurants, or perhaps theatres, cinemas, art galleries, or museums. A good sense of community and diversity of population are also sought-after.

The third thing that Londoners look for is a ‘safe’ area. Often they will look for places with low crime rates and that are considered ‘safer’. They may also look for areas with active Neighbourhood Watch and a police station not too far away.


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If you are looking for a firm to carry out a home buyers survey London has dozens to choose from, many of which are experienced experts.

Fourth on the list is something very modern – the desire for a good/reliable Wi-Fi connection. As the number of people working from home has increased (especially during the pandemic), good Wi-Fi has become even more crucial. Recent research revealed that over 50% of prospective buyers would avoid areas with poor broadband altogether.

Fifth on the list is finding a ‘pet-friendly’ location and property. This may mean looking at a larger house or a house with a garden. Alternatively, it brings the green space mentioned previously into the equation as that is ideal for dog owners who need somewhere to walk their canine friends.

The last of the main six things is access to shops. This may mean wanting to be near local shops/newsagents or being within a reasonable distance of a supermarket. Luckily, most areas in London will have a selection of big name supermarkets on their main high streets, along with clothes, pharmacies and hardware stores.